any suggestions for a wristlet/pouch? (other than coach)

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  1. i have been looking for a wristlet for like 3 months (maybe i'm too picky). does anyone have any suggestions. i want one to put a small bottle of lotion in, lip gloss, and stuff like that. thanks a bunch
  2. Louis Vuitton has one from their monogram line.
  3. i use my LV pochette accesories pochette sometimes as a clutch. It fits my cell phone, lotion, and some of my make up in there.
  4. What about this:

  5. If you are willing to go the nondesigner route, etsy has a lot of cute handmade wristlets.
    (link: )
  6. Lv
  7. maybe a tad fancy pants for "3 months," but these Valentino wristlets are gorgeous. They come in every color (even metallics), many different materials (python, leather, etc.) Range from $895 to $1295.

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  8. I had the same problem. I looked everywhere for a reasonable cute wristlet for months. I actually found one that I absolutely LOVE by Marc Jacobs. It was a bit pricey but its sooo cute. Also try HOBO. they have a whole bunch of really cute purses and clutch/wristlets at a reasonable price.
  9. I really like that one.:love: I may have to get that too.:P