Any suggestions for a warm peach nailpolish?

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  1. I need your help, beauty experts! I am on the hunt for a creme (opaque) warm peach/peachy-pink nailpolish suitable for olive-toned skin...I don't care for frosted shades on my hands, or any glitter, please. Any suggestions?

    My fave brands are Essie, Butter London, Zoya, and OPI, but I am willing to try others. Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom!!! :flowers:
  2. Some of the ORLY colors might be good for that...
  3. You ROCK!! What a great resource...leave it to a fellow Bichon :heart:er, lol...

    Thanks so much!!
  4. Cool! This is great, since I have a lot of Orly choices in my area. Very helpful, I appreciate it. :smile:
  5. Some of them are kinda sheer, but you can layer more I guess if you need to... :smile:
  6. I love Chanels Django color it is a light gold/peach. I am olive too and looks great!!
  7. Essie's Plaza Suite or Cantaloupe are my two favorite coral/peach shades!
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    I also have olive skin and I have a creamy nail polish from Mavala, "Toulouse52" (soft pink with touch of coral), they do tiny bottles ("mini color") for 5€, excellent quality.
    but I find these light colors really need 2-3 layers to become really opaque, or base coat (which I don´t have)?
    Found this image on the web...
  9. I would recommend OPI Infatuation but I'm not sure it is all that opaque - maybe after 3-4 coats.
  10. Dior's limited Bubbelgum nailpolish has the perfect shade of apricot imo. If you still can find it...It seems to be very popular.
  11. Aha! I was just looking at Essie Cantaloupe...might buy it tomorrow, I have always been meaning to...
  12. I'll see if I can find it at Nordie's, thanks! And I LOVE your avatar!!

    (Great minds think alike, lol).
  13. Thanks so much! They sell Mavala down the street from my house so I will check it out...I love the fact that the bottles are small, that way you don't wate any polish as it ages. :tup:
  14. Thanks! Another one on my list for tomorrow's shopping. :graucho:

    I have heard great things about this color before, in fact.