Any suggestions for a spring/summer bag?

  1. I want to get a new bag for the spring/summer...something light in color, since the majority of my bags are dark. Also, a bag that can be used as an everyday bag. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Pics would be great!
  2. I have the same question! I just called the SA at Neimans who sold me my last bag to ask her, but she is off today. Hope we get some insight here, too!
  3. For spring I am getting a medium beige 2.55 in lambskin and gold hardwear like Penelope Cruz. I just spoke to an SA and the price is supposed to go up from $1795 to $2100 on 2/1/07.
  4. I want a Grand Shopping Tote in wite or silver:love: perfect for everyday!
  5. I want something big and bright! Hopefully something new will fit that bill!
  6. NO way!!!! That's a huge price increase!! That sucks!
  7. Yes! I agree with you...something big and bright!!
  8. yummy! the big kelly green tote Gayle and i saw at Trunk show is great, and i am looking forward to seeing the denim Coco Cabas!!!!
  9. A Classic Flap in Beige Caviar would be fabulous for everyday!
  10. That's the one I want too! :yes: