Any suggestions for a small messenger bag?

  1. I'm trying to look for a good messenger bag to go shopping, doing errands, whenever I feel like my hands should be free. I wouldn't want anything too big. So far the only decent thing I've included in my options are theswing packs from Coach and possibly the LV Mini Lin Danube, which is kind of pushing it since I don't like it except for its size. The leather one from Coach looks pretty decent. Something like this:

    But then..I've seen so many negative comments here on how this looks. How come?

    Or any other brand suggestions? I don't really have a price limit as long as it's not like $5,000! :smile:
  2. how about MBMJ Lovely Luz?

  3. ^^^ I really like that one! I need one for summer where did you find it?
  4. Ooooooo actually I LOVE this! It's smaller than the softy messenger. Too bad I can not find it anywhere...
    MBMJ Dylan crossbody:


  5. it's at,,,
    It comes in different colors. :tup:
  6. ^ thanks!
  7. I second the LP, I love them!!
  8. ^ I like the black one-- I almost bought it before. What I don't like about the brown and tan ones is the contrasting strap.

    What about Prada? Does it have to be leather?
  9. claireZk, no it does not have to be leather, as long as it's sturdy. I looked at the nylon ones, they never really appealed to me, other than that I didn't see anything from Prada.

    Oh my gosh, so many suggestions! thanks a bunch! I'll be nitpicking at each of the replies here tonight! Like right now! Hehehe. Seems like there is a lot of MJ's.

    msterling, that is such a good bargain!!!