any suggestions for a small everyday handbag?

  1. any suggestions for a small everyday handbag? something i can use when shopping or in the city? really doesn't have big AT ALL (and big bags are so in vogue these days i know), just should have room for a cell phone/pda, ipod nano a pen or two, maybe a pad of paper. would prefer black and $250 or less.

  2. help, please?
  3. Kooba Jessie and Coach Legacy Shoulder bag

    Perfect for everyday use, small(er), chic, convenient pockets, and great craftsmanship and leathers

    c18f_12.JPG bc70_1.JPG
  4. i'm looking for something a tad smaller...

    but thank you!

    anyone else?
  5. coach has a lot of smaller black bags. i suggest the bleecker small zip hobo
  6. thank you for your suggestions!

    i'm looking for something small--

    anyone know where i could find a marc by marc jacobs new pouchette in black

    or marc by marc jacobs combover (my fav, but i can't find it anywhere?)

    or something the around the size of the kate spade bilbao bea

    thank you!
  7. thank you! i love the size of these pouchettes, my only concern is that they be too small (can you have your cake and eat it too!), which is why i'm leaning more toward the combover. but i haven't been able to find that ANYWHERE. Has anyone seen it?
  8. I'm a fan of the Coach small soho hobo's. I have 1 leather small Coach hobo - and it's great for light days. :shrugs: I like it - though I don't carry it often because I'm a big bag kinda gal... but it sure is a cutie :yes:

  9. Check out website- it is a subsidiary of Zappos. 2 colors of the MJ pouchette are available

  10. so this (Marc by Marc Jacobs Combover) is really what i want but i cannot find it anywhere!

    if anyone could please help me find this or something remotely similiar i would really appreciate it

    thank you!
  11. How about the HH Mercer clutch?? I think it's on sale right now on HH's website.