Any Suggestions for a RED Bag

  1. I generally carry a black bag but I love the color red. What styles come in Red?
  2. The Hampton's embossed signature bag came in red. I think it looks like a stunning bag! I believe it's in outlets too! And of course the red patent ergo bags but I think those are hard to find now. The bleecker bags come in rose which is a washed out sort of red. Not for me really but depends on what kind of red you're looking for. There's also the geranium color in the madeline and the heritage collection. Right now that's the only red I can think of. Oh, one of the Thompson bags, the Elisa?, comes in geranium. (I think it's that one) But whatever the name is, it is stunning! It's a big bag! Hope all that helps. I'm not sure what might come out later in red though.
  3. Are you looking for an all red bag?

    There is an all red leather carly out that I like
  4. I just bought a red leather gallery tote on eBay. There are quite a few of the burnished red leather and the patent red leather on eBay right now.

    I also know there the outlets are carrying some great red leather bags right now. My stepdaughter picked up a red leather soho large flap for herself. It is adorable!
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