any suggestions for a light, summer bag?

  1. hi i was wondering if u girls can help my mom choose a light summer bag. like in white or any light color. she doesnt want a heavy bag but the bag has to be designer (chloe,chanel,etc.). so wat would u suggest as a summer bag?
  2. hi!

    I love patterned & not too 'serious' bags for summer. Especially Pucci;

    [​IMG] This one is in the eluxury sale $479 from $690

    Or As Nautical is still a major trend this year, wht about this one from Versace;

    [​IMG] Again, Eluxury sale $675 from $1350!!

    Raffia is also big news this summer!! Tods have this fabulous raffia-esque linen bag with stuning orange trim;
    [​IMG] Eluxury $519 from $745.

    Very summery!
  3. If you think she'd prefer somethign a little more formal, but still summery, then what about this from Celine;


    Still keeping that Raffia style but a lot less casual than the other. Eluxury sale $719 from $1200

    [​IMG]Ferragamo at NM $668 from $890
  4. Love that Versace nautical bag.
  5. now, if your mum likes those sorts of summery bags, I know you said it had to be designer, but one of the best styles like this I've seen is at Gap;

    [​IMG] They also do it in other colours its $30 in the sale! Personally, I'm crazy abotu they yellow trim or the green! (you might want to get her the fabulous matching clutch!)

    By the way, if anybody in the UK has seen this bag or the matching clutch in Gap can they let me know? my gap insist they've never seen one :sad: morons....:rant:
  6. i've seen the bag in gap a lot in cali. thanks for all the pics they all look lovely :biggrin:
  7. Oooh I love the Celine bag, it seems perfect for summer !
  8. What about a pucci!
  9. no problem! It was a nice way to spend half an hour:biggrin:

    I love that Gap clutch! But its just not anywhere over here in the UK!