Any suggestions for a Highend Hair Salon in La jolla Ca?????

  1. Im sure I posted this once before however, now I can not find it!!! (I searched all my threads) ANYWAY..I need a very good hair La Jolla. I do not mind paying...I just want someone really good...Help me out ladies...I do not want to just walk in somewhere and say a prayer!!! Thanks much!:heart:
  2. Anyone?
  3. Sorry I don't know!!! If only livin_lying was still here :rolleyes: JK! Hopefully someone sees this later and can help you out!
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: LoL Megs I was thinking the same exact thing!!
  5. oohhhh i live in la jolla.

    i get my hair cut at a barber, but i have short hair so whatever.

    But my boyfriend and best friend both get their hair cut at Hamilton's Salon in La Jolla. It's on Girard. It's right next to this other salon, and the two look completely different. Hamilton's doesn't look as posh or fancy or modern as the other one, but its home-y and the people there are super nice. And they do a good job [Ask for Betsy, if you decide, she does my BF's and BFF's hair.] And they're really afforable.

    Now, when you go you can either decide to go into either Salon. If you're one to based on the apperence of a salon. I have no idea about the quality or prices of the one next door, but im sure they're good.

    But i assure you, Hamilton's does just as good a job if not better for cheaper. My bestfriend is is not one to slack on quality either, she get's her hair colored by John Frida himself in Beverly Hills. [its impossible to get an appointment, but her mom used to go to John before he got big, and so she has connections.] But she says the cut at Hamilton's is really nice, and they always do my boyfriend's hair the way i like it so yeah. :biggrin:

    but wherever you decide to go, i hopeyour hair turns out well!
  6. ^ thanks for the tip!!! I also heard that Robert Cromeans was quite good....have you heard of it? It is quite pricey...but I thought I would try and get Robert himself for a treat after my grueling summer! LMK if you have heard anything about this salon??!! Many thanks again!
  7. I know a fabulous place, but it's in San Diego. It's in Hillcrest on University. It's called Gila Rut. My stylist was David--he's amazing!!! The colorists are really good there, too. I forgot my colorist's name(I've since moved away). Prices are standard at about 90 or so for a designer cut or you ca have someone who is training or new cut your hair for less. They give wonderful complimentary neck and hand massages with scents chosen from their "scent bar", too.
  8. Sunshine, you cannot go wrong with Robert Cromeans!!! His salons are some of the best in the world. I'm slightly biased because he is the artistic director for John Paul Mitchell Systems and I am a salon consultant for JPMS.

    I would completely recommend getting an appointment at Robert Cromeans!!!
  9. Im trying to figure out how far it is from where I am staying...Im not about to drive while Im here...crazy ca. drivers! I would happily rent car with a driver for the day...or take a cab. Thanks info Twinkie...I will ring them tomorrow...I want a killer new look...
  10. john frieda is actually in west hollywood :smile: that's where i get my color done and i love it there. but not by the actual john frieda.
  11. I second that. I've been to Robert Comeans in Pacific Beach, not too far from La Jolla, & they are fab! There is also one in downtown San Diego. =)