Any suggestions for a handbag with removable shoulder straps?

  1. i'm currently looking for a handbag (with a price range in the Marc By Marc Jacobs line) that come with a removable shoulder strap. i love his line but there hasn't been a bag that has such a strap. sometimes i get tired of holding the bag and it'd be great to have a strap to sling the bag over your shoulder.
  2. Hayden Harnet Hudson triple strap satchel. Great bag. Oh and my Kooba Charlie also has three straps.
  3. what about this satchel from HH?


    it also comes in white and some green print.

  4. ooh i really like junior drake's megan tote - i like the shape and the shoulder strap is at a good length. the steel color is nice. do you know which stores carry this line? i'd like to see the bag IRL.
  5. i saw the moni moni one too! very nice, i love the heart (key chain?)

    i came across an andrew marc handbag:


    but i wished they didn't use the contrast stitching and i prefer if the handles were a little longer. i know, i know, i'm so picky! i'm planning to spend around $400 so i guess it should make sense i'm being picky :roflmfao:
  6. If you like the Moni, someone in the Deals & Steals forum posted a 25% discount code for "ALOHA67", which brings the price down to about $372. Plus they have free shipping AND free returns, in case you change your mind.
  7. YSL Rive Gauche
  8. i saw some tano handbags but i haven't seen one with a detachable strap. any tano experts out there know if there is one that does?
  9. Anna Corinna Lady Duffle... or the Anna Corinna City?
  10. i really do like the Anna Corinna Lady Duffle but it's so long - almost 21" in length. i've also seen the City Tote but it looks funny folded down when you use the strap.

    i saw the MbMJ Dr. Groove - unfortunately there are no exterior pockets and i prefer bags with them

    ooh i like the tano centerfold! i'll consider that one, thanks, mockinglee!
  11. I really like this Andrew Marc bag, even with the contrast stitching.