Any suggestions for a fabulous Purple bag?

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  1. Hi I really want a purple bag. And I want it to be purple not a plum shade that can look wine. I am leaning towards the BE Love Me in purple. I love it. :love:
    It is 745.00 and that is as high as I can go.

    so what other great purple bags are out there? I would really like to compare several and make sure I make a fantastic choice. I have wanted this color for so long.

    so any suggestions?
  2. Go for the BE in purple. I have 2 bags in BE purple and the purple is so vibrant and pretty. The best purple in my opinion. If you email Jackie, you could get them with silver hardware too.
  3. do a quick search in this forum- there's another thread about purple bags and it has pictures!
  4. Bulga fold over buckle tote

  5. If you like the LM in purple, email quick because the custom order is just finished, and I don't know if she made extra or not, but now would be the time to snag an extra one!
  6. I have the BE Stroke Me in purple and it is the most amazing shade of purple. Ever. You seriously need to get the Love Me.
  7. I'm dying over a purple Balenciaga that I saw at Saks the other day. Some color as the bag shown above but with silver giant rivets. I am in love!
  8. Where can you find this at? Pretty!!
  9. Have a look at the Mulberry Roxanne in purple. Mulberry do the most gorgeous purples - they are true colours, not plum. Or how about a Mylberry Bayswater, this is a truly classic bag.
  10. MzErica,
    The picture is from shopbop but they are out of this colour now. I beleive I saw it at bluefly, to. Check around.
  11. Hi. I bought that Bulga fold over tote from Shopbop and when it came it was folded and seriously creased at the fold. It wasn't a good design as it damaged the leather. I usually love Bulga and have about 8 bags but the leather in this one was rather thin and, in my opinion, not worth the money so back it went. Apologies to anyone who loves this Bulga but unfortunately I did not.
  12. Thanks shoeguru!
    Good to know. I havn't seen this bag IRL.
  13. [​IMG]
    This MbyMJ bag, its a pre fall bag though so it wont be out until mid july or august