Any suggestions for a cute silver Chanel?

  1. So I think I'd really like a silver Chanel that could work druing the day and evening.

    i've had both the DS and light silver reissues, but didn't love them, so returned or sold them. I have the timeless clutch in both white and black. So no more of those.

    I just picked up the 227 grey reissue and the medium blush flap.

    But I'd really lke a cute silver bag I could use at night. Any thoughts? Something that will last for years and the style will be a classic.

    Preferably one I could find at Sak's for EGC in a few weeks.:graucho:
  2. other than the reissues, I don't know what else comes in silver other than the cabas.
  3. ahhhh. wait for the cruise!!! i'm totally eyeing on the hollywood collection! i just bought a black cabas and a black patent timeless clutch , they aren't even here yet but i'm already eyeing on the cruise!

    i'm sure you'll find a nice silver bag! i want a night use bag too, the timeless clutch is just awesome but i really need a dressy looking bag to my collection!

    all the best to the both of us! xoxo
  4. Thats totally how i feel. I want a cute silver bag for nighttime. I love the reissues, but for the price, i coudlnt' justify getting the smaller 225 size. I want something a bit more versatile in silver :smile: I hear cruise is suppose to have some cute silver....just waiting for more pics.
  5. yes! i'm totally eyeing on the pewter and gold gradiant lambskin flap but it's in lambskin and the logo is just so huge! i don't know if i can forgive the logo part, but the bag is just so divine. i got to get it (that's if the price is right.. but i highly doubt since there'll be a major price increase and it's lambskin...yikes) that's if i don't see anything else .... ;)

    i think it;s just not justified to pay so much for the smaller size. you know small bags are always more pricey because of the workmanship? they are smaller, so it's more difficult to make them, just like watches. i'm glad you didn't get the 225 just for the color :yes: we can always find something hotter, it's just a matter of 'attitude' or 'mindset' i guess? :smile: