Any suggestions for a cosmetic pochette?

  1. Do you have any suggestions for a small cosmetic pouch for the Kelly 32. I have a black Kelly Box 32, and I'm surching for a little pochette for my pills and a lip stick. What do you use for that?
    Thank you!:love:
  2. How about the Karo?
  3. Do you have a Karo evekitty ? How much can it hold? Do you have some pics, please.
  4. Sorry atlantique, I don't have a Karo. But a lot of tpfers here have it. You'll find lots of photos on tpf if you do a search. I don't remember which thread though. Sorry.
  5. In your Kelly 32 you can fit either a Karo GM (holds a lot) or a Karo PM. In my GM I can put: several lipsticks, mascara, powder, mirror, kleenex.

    Also, you may consider the Clarice (or Clarisse). It's a lot flatter than the Karo but should hold pills and a lipstick comfortably.
  6. These ladies are correct. That would be my vote, the Karo.
  7. Karo. The lining is fantastically indestructable. I spilled a lotion in there and it wiped out completely, looks good as new.

    It seems $$ but for the love you will feel for the Karo, and the use you will get out of it, it's a bargain!
  8. another choice is bebop...
    but juxtaposed to your box bit more casual than the karo ...(which i love too)
  9. Hi Callie Girl
    Can you use the karo as a clutch or is it too small? BTW, I adore your furbabies. They are precious and their long hair is so beautiful. My little maltese is such a mess-she will not let us brush her so no long hair!
  10. I have carried my orange GM as a clutch to a nice dinner. Love it.
  11. Thanks ColbaltBlu
    I was thinking that a karo GM in orange would be great for St Barth
  12. Hi maggiemoo, I'm just now seeing this. Yes, both the PM and GM work great as clutches. :tup:

    Awww, that's neat that you have a Malt, too! My male has long hair on his face and beard area but his body hair is short. Kallie, my female, has shortish hair around her face but longer body hair as her hair does not ever mat.