Any suggestions for a black pump?

  1. Im looking for a black shoe, like a pump nothing open toe or sandal because I will be wearing it to work. Something like the Louboutin Pigalle but without the $900 dollar price tag attached. Any suggestions? Comfy is also a plus :smile:
  2. I would suggest this Prada nappa leather pump:

    PRADA Linea Rossa -  Nappa Pump -  Neiman Marcus

    It's a classic black pointy toe pump but it's EXTREMELY comfortable. The softer edges make it feel like a flat, but with a cute 3" stiletto heel. Plus it has rubber soles which is something I love for everyday shoes.

    Hope you find what you're looking for!
  3. How about some Ferragamos? I got some really cute pumps from there this year. If you're looking for something even less expensive, how about some Cole Haans? I have heard that they're really comfortable
  4. The Prada Napas look great I wonder how comfortable they are.
  5. D&G, Jimmy Choo & Manolos are great for black pumps.
  6. i own them in black and wear them almost every day! they're the most comfortable pumps I've ever worn, and a pretty good deal considering how much use they get. :p
  7. I saw a Marc Jacobs black patent pump in Barneys a week ago and i think it looks cute with anything.
  8. you might also want to consider bcbgirls "katchen" pumps. they're the most comfortable heels i've ever had, i had to have it in 5 or 6 different colors.
  9. I got a pair of CL Decollete patent black for $605 shipped from a store in Connecticut so you might try them. They are all sold out on Saks, NM website, plus they charge more on there too.
  10. I like the style but I actually perfer the Pigalle Louboutins. Either way its too much than I would care to spend. $400 tops is about my limit.
  11. I was going to suggest the Manolo or Jimmy Choo classic pumps, but they run about $495.

    One of my favorites is the Stuart Weitzman Fever at $225 - it's really sexy and great look overall


    The leather is not as baby soft as MB, but it's half the price!
  12. Louboutin Miss Tick or the simple pump. Saks is pre-ordering these now for $495
  13. I forgot to add- the Miss Tick's are SUPER comfy. I wear mine everyday to work. They stretch and mold to the foot perfectly.