Any suggestions/comments Kelly vs Birkin

  1. Most of you know that my golden KELLY was maliciously inked at the beauty salon. I am now ready to make my next Hermes purchase and quite frankly I am totally befuddled and indecisive. I love the glamour of the Kelly and its more formal look. But I also love the more sportive look of the Birkin, especially when the top is left open and because it always seems to carry more. As for my 'retirement' lifestyle I am now working busier than I have in 10 years because my 'knowledge' cannot be found amongst the new techno generation. So I am always on the Eurostar or at fashion shows or in stores and best yet out to dinner or lunch with friends. So I wear everything from jeans to long chiffon pants (sorry, Hermes for the most formal, I still use my Judith Leiber Minauderie or my tiny python with crystals clutch by Chanel).

    Have any of you had this dilemma? How can I decide? Sadly buying one of each is not part of my budget. Thanks much.
  2. I"m much more a Kelly girl but then I prefer a handbag to a tote, plus I like the option of the shoulder strap.
  3. I prefer Kellys too. If you are only going to buy one, I think the Kelly is more versatile than the Birkin. It is also more functional with the option of using a shoulder strap.
  4. I also lean towards the Kelly. If you really like your gold one and it works for you, that is golden. Did you get the ink out, btw, or can it be removed by H?
  5. Sorry can't help here I love them both
  6. well i have had a thing for birkins always but lately kellys take my vote because of functionality !!!! the shoulder strap size balance one handle and how safe it is makes the kelly wonderful also its lighter and so wonderfully classic and chic so anything you get is wonderful but today especially in exotic kelly all the way darling !!!!
  7. Another vote for the Kelly.
  8. From what you said, looks like you'll be on your feet, going to different places a lot. My vote is also for Kelly for its practicality and comfort of the long strap. Kelly is also easier/faster to open and close than Birkin IMO, so it's safer rather than putting your open bag somewhere on the floor of a restaurant or train for example. It has the classic look too. :smile:
  9. Difficult decision. But that being said perhaps the Kelly receives my vote for the idea of the long strap and ease of going from one type of occasion to another.
  10. Vote for Kelly.. ^^
  11. I love my Birkins but I definitely use my Kellys more... esp. my Kelly Lakis. You can wear Kellys casually or for more dressy occasions. I love the shoulder strap of Kellys but it can be annoying to open it to get stuff inside the bag... Kelly Lakis is great because of the front pockets and back compartment. I vote for a Kelly for its overall functionality and versatility! :tup::yes::biggrin:
  12. Did you try to ask Hermès if they can change the panel of your bag that was damaged? Maybe you could try asking before you decide what your new purchase has to be, because if you can keep the old one maybe you would choose for a different style/color for the new Hermès that you are planning to purchase.
  13. Personally I will go with Kelly, but trama turgo's suggestion made good sense here.
  14. Vote for Kelly, but Kelly Lakis.
  15. For you and your lifestyle I would say Kelly