Any suggestion??

  1. DF's birthday is tomorrow!! :yahoo: Yay!! We're so busy we only really have a day or two to celebrate. I have work in the day, so at late night we're going to eat together. (don't know where to eat yet!) Then sleep. Ha. Then were celebrating Saturday!! We're headed to a Spa! It'll be our first time ever! The place from what I hear is amazing! We're getting a couples massage. I've never been there before but I asked if they could do something a little nice for him once it's his birthday. I suggested maybe chocolates out for him because he's a chocolate freak! They said they'd see if they can have that set up for me and call me once they know. Is that weird?? :shrugs: After the massages were headed off to our hotel to unwind. Then go off to dinner! (clueless on where to eat once again!)

    My question is, is it weird to have something there for DF at the Spa place?? (Do places like Spas do little things like that for their guests?? ) I mean he does it all the time for me, I thought he'd like some pampering too! (guys have it easy, roses in a pretty vase in the hotel, thats simple! but for me to give to him??)I really wanted a bunch of little surprises everywhere, so if I were to ask for the hotel to do something, would they?? And what would it be?? What else would make his birthday a little special? Anything else we could do/stop by at for extra perks? What do you do for your loved ones or special occasions to make it extra special? TIA for all your help!
  2. Couples massage/spa is a great idea. I'm sure he'll love it~ Everyone loves to get pampered! I'm sure the spa will be accomodating to your requests. Happy Birthday to your DF and have a wonderful time~
  3. Thanks VivaNYC! I hope he likes it! I thought it would be a great away from all the stress from work and school. (and family.)

    The Spa called me back and said they will have the front desk ladies fully aware that it is DF's birthday and the special shin-digg we've got set up! They have a private room behind the lobby for us that is darkly lit and they will have goodies such as chocolates, cookies, and some bubbly ready for us to enjoy! The nice lady over the phone told me, we can be directed straight there after our session is over to enjoy the goodies and just enjoy each others company after our fabulous massages! Plus a perk, we can go in early (or stay late) and enjoy the dry sauna!

    Now... What shall I do for the hotel and the little things in between?!