any suggestion what should i get as my...

  1. i'm very much tempted to get my first chanel upon seeing all your chanel collection:drool:, most of my bags are all LV, and it seems like its getting boring, i need to add a different brand.. and i have been wanting to buy myself my first chanel, but i can;t decide w/c one and everytime i'm tempted to get one , i'm always pulled in to buy LV instead:sad:, any suggestion onwhat should i get as my first chanel??? something ...classic
  2. what else! a black classic caviar flap :smile:
  3. definitely a would be a good start
    and caviar is definitely less 'high maintenance'
    have fun!
  4. my faves:

    - classic flap
    - cerf tote
    - GST
  5. flap, if you can find a reissue, get a reissue instead! :biggrin:
  6. if you like bigger bag, timeless classic flap in Jumbo or reissue 227...let us know what you choose.
  7. Reissue 227. Dreamy!
  8. definitely a classic flap or reissue, i also JUST got my first Chanel after much deliberating, reading up here and obsessing.. decide which suits yr style better. for me, i picked the reissue over the classic flap cos i really preferred the more "grungey" and slightly less dressy look, at least that's my personal opinion.. plus somehow the classic flap didn't look that great on me.
  9. Classic flap or GST
  10. I was in the same situation. As mentioned above, go with a classic flap. They are timeless, go with most occassions, and say 'channel". The second one I am getting is going to be a flap again.
  11. I think it depends, if your a tote girl, go for GST (Grand shopping tote), if you like smaller bags then buy a flap. Check out the reference section for some great ideas on the different styles, I'm sure that you will find a Chanel that you love.
  12. some sort of flap.
  13. Go to a Saks...nm or chanel botique and try on a few! See which one suits you best!
  14. Classic flap is what I'd look at first.

    I'd just go in and see what looks good on you but I always recommend the flap. Can't go wrong there.
  15. reissues!