any suggestion on shoulder bag?

  1. Hi , I am looking for daily-wear shoulder bag, any suggestions? Rightnow, Tulum pm? Tikal Gm & PM? ...:confused1: other choice?

    btw, anyone knows the name of the 4th bag?
    hua-liao3 tikel pm.jpg hua-liao4 tikalgm.jpg hua-liao5 tulum pm.jpg hua-liao6.jpg hua-liao2.jpg
  2. The fourth, I believe, is the Klara bag. The fifth is a Hudson - really pretty if you don't have to carry too much. I know lots of people love the Batignolles Horizontal. It's a really nice bag. I just gave mine to my daughter and she loves it.

  3. Thanks, yes, I dont need to carry too much, but a middel size will be good.:rolleyes:
  4. Yes, charleston is right, the fourth is the Klara which is now discontinued at the retail level. That would be my first choice, if you can find one!!
  5. BH!!!:love:
  6. How about the BH as mentioned, or the PH?
  7. Yes, I'd like to say BH as well!
  8. I own two shoulder bags and love them both. One is the Lockit Horizontal and it great if you need to carry a lot. The other one is the Popincourt Haut which is much smaller but, still quite roomy. With the LH I am a tad bit more careful because of the vachette bottom so, I do not take it out on rainy days. That being said I love the vachette look, it is so rich and warm. The PH is a great great everyday bag and super cute...LOVE LOVE both....

    The tikal pm is super cute and I have been eyeing that bag for evening but, cannot justify getting one because I own a pouchette accessoire with the extender. It is a small bag so it would not be practical for everyday but, evenings and weekends where I carry less it would work. I also like the look of the tulum. It does not appear to be popular but, it such a nice hobo slouchy bag look and I love that. Good luck...I love LV shoulder bags!!!!
  9. i would say Coussin GM :smile:
  10. I love the tulum pm, I think I might get this.
  11. I love my Sologne!
  12. Mezzo if your looking to carry "your life", it has a long drop length. Or the Lockit Horizontal. It's drop length isn't that long, but it tucks nice and neat under your arm. If you carry too much in it, it gets REAL heavy, unlike the Mezzo.
  13. What about the Hudson GM?
  14. i second the BH!!....great shoulder bag :smile:
  15. i like the cabas mezzo/piano, popincourt haut, looping mm, tulum pm