Any suggestion on Murse (Purse for Men)?

  1. My male colleague after seeing my range of designer bags (I carry a different one to office almost daily!) is now inspired to get one himself. :wlae: Before I go on further, I have to explain that he is a perfect "straight"; not a gay. He just finds it very cumbersome to carry his phone, key pouch, his breath fresher in his pocket. You know, these days guys are into drainpipe trousers too. He can wear them fashionably well.

    Anyhow, going back to the topic of murse or bags for men. Does any one of you have any suggestion what a good murse for such a guy? Just to give you some ideas, he like the Mulberry range - that rustic yet classic looks. But, I thought he should have more options before plunging into a Mulberry. So, gals and guys among us bag lovers, I would love your suggestions! And if you have pic of male celebrities carrying these murses, can you kindly share them please? thanks a million. ;)

  2. I bought DH a wonderful Coach briefcase bag--he loves it for work
  3. Jack Spade makes some cool messenger bags, for guys, as well
  4. I have nothing against it. Straight men shouldn't be looked down on for carrying bags. Just because it's a purse/murse doesn't mean it's not manly; a plain, worn leather bag is very masculine, and a lot of bag styles transcend gender, even, and look classy whether carried by a man or a woman.
  5. Jas MB - worth checking out.
  6. I got my hunny a Goyard bag! [​IMG]
    It's worn across the chest like a messenger bag but, smaller! He LOVES it! It comes in a large range of colors too!
  7. i agree, mulberry is a good option for a reluctant straight guy to get introduced to manbags.
  8. thanks for all the comments.

    Sgaotw, I have sent the hyperlink to him for his reading. I will let all of you know what he has bought eventually. :smile:
  9. He should definitely get a Mulberry. Styles like 'Joel' are a little smaller too. Also, Kenneth Cole does some good messenger bags - my boyfriend's got a black leather laptop bag which is really nice.
  10. What about a briefcase? Soft sided leather - almost every top name makes at least one, not to mention the profusion of no-name bags, and it can do double duty as a suitcase and meeting accessory. And a small matching pochette for organizing things, so you can find the d*mn wallet/breath freshener/keys, ect.
  11. balenciaga makes a men's messenger bag - the style is called the besace. the styling is unisex, and doesn't look at all like a woman's bag. i'm actually looking for one for myself!
  12. I always like the way a Louis Vuitton messenger style bag looks on guys. They make others, too, you can find on eluxury.
  13. it has a decent price tag in an expensive sense.. but i fell in love with the DOONEY&BOURKE messenger bag! i do believe it comes in leather!!!