Any suggestion on how to get a turquoise mahala/maddy in April?

  1. Hi All,

    I hope you can give me some suggestion. I really like the turquoise mahala/maddy but the problem is I moved to Asia (Indonesia) recently and the local JC boutique does not carry this color. I will be in the states at end of April for my sis wedding and would like to get a hold of this bag. But I am not sure if the bag will still be there in April :hysteric:

    Any suggestion on how to do this? I know some of you might have great ideas in solving this problem so I am counting on all of you to help.

    Appreciate your response.:girlsigh:

  2. hanei, this is what I would recommend to ensure the bag is not sold out before :sweatdrop:

    I would call my SA Casey and tell her what you want (Mahala/Maddy) and give her your CC info to secure the bag, then a few days before you are ready to come to the states, you can give her the address on where you would like the bag shipped and it can be waiting for you.

    I would make sure to call ASAP, as I ordered mine last week and already several stores have tired to get it from her :wtf: so they must be going quickly :drool:

    Casey's number is 312-255-1170. She is there on weekends and you can also email her at: Just put Attn: Casey in the Subject line, as they all share the same email address.

    Good Luck!
  3. Thanks Robyn. Do you think she will take a cc with overseas address? I hope so. I will try to email her or call her. I used to go to school in Evanston about 15 years ago, really miss Chicago a lot.
  4. hanei
    I spoke with Casey this afternoon and It sounds as though you were able to get things taken care of :tup:

    Feel free to let me know if you need anything else :yes:
  5. Thank you so much. Let see if it all can work out. You and jburgh are really great help. She helped me get the neon blue lp mahala :woohoo:

    I will need to call my cc company first. Will let you know how it will turn out as Casey will be off until Thursday.
  6. got the Neon Blue? You and jburgh are the only ones I know of that have that color Mahala. So are you getting the Turquoise Mahala as well?
  7. Fell in love with the neon blue after seeing jburgh pictures. :drool: I am actually still thinking whether to get a maddy or mahala, since I do like both sizes, although mahala is more comfortable for me to wear. But when i go out, it is easier to find a place to put a maddy at the safe place without asking for a separate chair. I feel rediculous asking for a separate chair but I will do it for mahala.:shame:

    I have been thinking about this turquoise color since I saw it here but trying very hard to resist the temptation. But everywhere I go it's like the world reminding me to buy this bag (yeah, right...). This color is everywhere and following me around, it just seems that everywhere I go I see turquoise color, so I gave in and write this thread.

    This is on my list along with the sold out burgundy biker riki.
  8. I checked with my cc company but they cannot do what Casey suggested me to do. I will have to wait until Casey is back to see if she has other alternative way for me to pay.

    Let me know if any of you have other suggestion.
  9. Where in the states will you be? Could you not order the bag from Casey then have her ship to another JC store closest to the city your sister is having her wedding? Or is it your cc will not approve the transaction?
  10. The problem is my cc has a foreign billing address and jc policy to ship only to the billing address. Casey asked me to check with cc company to see if I can add a temporary billing address in the states. Just check with the cc company here, they cannot do it. :hysteric:

    I can ask my sister to buy me one, but don't want to stress her out and she already helped my getting the last mahala so I try to avoid asking her again, unless it is emergency....:graucho:

    Let see how I can get this bag...
  11. couldn't you wire the money to j.choo or send a money order via fed ex? she would only have to hold the bag a few days until the money arrives... then ship it to you...

  12. That was I was asking Casey, maybe I can wire some money and have her send it to my sister house. I do not want it to be shipped to where I stay now since customs is not reliable. Maybe when Casey gets back on Thursday she can answer. Also, an incredible tPFer has offered her help, so I am thinking about that too. :tup:

    Thank you all of you and will let you all know how it turns out. Feel free to suggest things as I am still looking for the smoothest way to get this bag :girlsigh: