Any suggestion on comfy heels?

  1. I have several pairs of high heels and they all give me nasty blisters everytime I wear them out. My Tod's is the only pair that doesn't give me any blisters. I'm so tired of spending a lot of money on shoes only to get blisters from them. Any good solutions to this?
  2. Cole Haan makes some G shock heels that are supposed to be super comfy.
  3. I also recently picked up a pair of Charles David Peaks and Guess Carries as a result of hearing so many people on this forum RAVE about how comfortable they are. I got my Peaks today (in a half size smaller than what I usually wear), and I can see what the others are talking about. Try them. They're not even that expensive...$100 something for the Peaks and around 86 for the Guess Carries. Worth it for high-heeled comfort, if you ask me. :P
  4. I hate wearing heels normally.. they always hurt my feet too. I have several pair of Aerosoles heels & love them. Very comfy to wear.
  5. i love Cole Haan shoes tooo ... by far the most comfy heels i own
  6. I have to agree on the Peaks and especially the Guess Carrie pumps. I have several pair of each and I honestly think I could LIVE in the Carries - really are amazingly comfy for 4 inch heels!

  7. I love Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes, they are very comfy, and usually have a rubber sole that allows you to wear them in ice and snow (which helps me in the Wisconsin winters). If you already have a pair of shoes rubbing you the wrong way, try 'foot petals'. They are inserts that add some padding, either on the balls of your feet, the heels or the straps. They are wonderful when you know you love a pair of shoes, but don't know if you can get through a full day or night in them. :yes:
  8. Yes, loads. I love heels. I've found Via Spiga, Stuart Weitzman, Michael Kors (both signature line and Michael by Michael), and Charles David to all be consistently good, as well as Nina for evening. It's not necessarily a money thing, either- it often is, but I've had horribly uncomfortable expensive shoes as well (will never purchase Marc Jacobs shoes again).
  9. My new favorite in comfy style is Tara Subkoff (of Imitation of Christ fame) for Easy Spirit.
  10. Your other option would be a wedge type heel. Those don't seem to bother me at all. These Fendi Mary Janes are extremely comfortable!!
  11. The best pair of heels for comfort, in my opinion, is the Dior shoes from the gaucho range. Beautiful shoes, padded inside for comfort.The SA in Dior swear by them as can wear them all day.They cost a lot but are well worth it.
  12. Thanks all of you for your comments. I'll try to order Charles David at Zappos and perhaps stop by Cole Hann boutique.

    ashlend- I agree with you. I have a pair of MJ and they kill me!
    maxter- Your Fendi heels are so gorgeous!
    Saich2- Can you post a picture of your shoes? I'd like to see them!
  13. I would love to post pictures, but really thick with computers and cannot shrink my pictures enough for this site - but if you go onto Designer Handbags, Clothes, Designer Shoes and Louis Vuitton at eLUXURY type in dior shoes and go to the pumps you will see the shoes. My new Moc Croc Dior shoes are on their also the other gaucho shoes I have in white with a horn heel - truely beautiful
  14. Hasn't been suggested yet, but I really like Gucci heels. They're some of my most comfortable. I've had mixed luck with Charles David - some are fabulously comfy, and others give me blisters.