Any suggestion for a yellow bag???

  1. I've been wanting a yellow bag for a looong time. I just love the color especially pale yellow. I would settle for a regular yellow or even mustard but prefer pale yellow. Any suggestions at all?? Any brand. Thanks!
  2. There are some cute Hayden Harnett handbags!
  3. Coach has a gorgeous pale yellow bag with white trim at the outlets right now for $229. Both Orlando outlets had them this weekend. It's a satchel type bag and absolutely gorgeous. I almost bought it and I don't ever wear yellow.
    I was looking for one online and couldn't find the exact bag, but it looks like this in style, except it's solid without the C's and it has white trim instead of the vachetta.
  4. I was going to suggest Hayden Harnett as well. Their bags are very well-made and the leather is wonderful.
  5. the haynett harnet bags are very nice. don't own one... this might be my first then :smile:... i like the 3rd one. just need to find it now. the coach is nice. would prefer it to be a solid yellow though.
  6. let trade has a gorgeous yellow lv vernis piece (i think its called the thompson street??) right now !
  7. I love my hayden harnett havana in the mustard.
  8. Sorry if this is a silly question.. but what's let trade?
  9. I still love my yellow bulga from two years ago. I got a pale yellow lambskin chanel tote last year (drawstring style) that is cute also.
  10. Let trade is an eBay dealer that specializes in authentic Louis Vuitton.
  11. The Lv Epi Is Yellow Is Great And A Classic. Also Do I Remember Seeing New Spring Marc Jacobs In Yellow At Saks? Really, Really Cute
  12. Lainie, i was thinking of getting the banana bulga studded tote from pinkmascara. that yellow looks nice. is that what you have? thanks pseub, i'll def check out let trade. i do loooove their yellow epi line which i believe is discontinued now right?
  13. Sorry Pseub, do you mind attaching a link to Let trade... thanks!
  14. You may be able to find the LV epi in yellow in upscale consignment shops or resellers. Michael's in NYC in a great resource and I believe they have a website.
  15. Sorry, I don't have one. I've just seen them mentioned by other tPF members.