Any suggestion for a Hermes Briefcase?

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  1. I wouldn't mind getting a stylish, but somewhat durable, Hermes briefcase for outside meetings with clients. If anybody has any suggestions, please share!

    For business trips, I use those icky black laptop/briefcase combo that you often seen in airports -- ick!! For lugging back documents between work and home, I use a Mulberry Bayswater...

    I know that it is possible to use a Birkin (35 or 40) as a client briefcase, but I would hesitate to bring that kind of a bag to a client; I am looking for something not so identifiable.
  2. what about the kelly depeche ? or for a "lesser in your face" look a sac a depeche ?
  3. Thanks, Lilach... I am on the hunt for photos right now **flipping through my little Japanese handbook**
  4. Lilach,


    Speaking of Loire, I did go to Loire Ginza the other day. Let's say I wasn't that impressed with the store. The inventory looked like your standard stuff (no crocs), and the SA's demeanor was "courteous" at best. Plus, there was NOBODY in the store...
  5. OOHHH, the Kelly Depeche is stunning. But I guess that wouldn't fall into "not so identifiable"....
  6. I like the Kelly Depeche more because I find it more feminine looking than the Sac a Depeche. The Kelly Depeche also looks and feels lighter.
  7. La Van, thanks for the info!
  8. lilach, by the way, did your parents make it safely to you? I hope so..
  9. I love both Sac and Kelly Depeche. Can't go wrong with either! What leather do you want?
  10. I like both. Tokyogirl, I don't know if SF still has it but the last time I was there (3 wks. ago, I think) I saw the most gorgeous Sac a Depeche in Rouge Vif Fjord/Silver HW! I've probably said this a million times here but Rouge Vif on Fjord is GORGEOUS!
  11. What about a Plume? It's discreet; the shape is perfect for holding loads of papers (and maybe even a fairly light laptop), and you can put it on your shoulder.
  12. I just started looking into it, so I am completely open for suggestions!
  13. OOOHHHHHHH:heart: :heart: :heart: LOVE rouge vif!
  14. That's a great point about being able to put the Plume on your shoulder!