Any suggestion about my collection? Please help me.

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  1. :sad: These are pairs I got so far.

    black kid simple 85
    black cest moi bootie
    black madame claude
    bubblegum simple 100
    peacock(like metallic navy) simple 100
    metallic lilac simple 100

    Beside CLs, I have
    prada jeweled sandal
    prada roccia sandal
    jimmy choo sandal in black and bronze, boots
    ferragamo black slingback
    and a few others

    I didn't have any interests about shoes before I wore anything comfortable. But after seeing few styles I really like, I came to the SHOE WORLD.
    Can you believe I bought all these within 2 months? :wtf::wtf:
    Thanks for saks and barneys for these great sale.
    Those are all saled shoes. But I already spent a lot. :drool:

    Anyways, that's all I have. My previous shoes are so old so I should throw others away actually. :biggrin:

    Today, in the saks sale, I'm planning to get

    red patent yoyo 85
    red python horatio slingback
    red patent lillians (still considering between black)

    I usually wear jeans and banana republic style neat dresses.
    But I never try party style dresses. Yes, it's not that long since I came to US and I'm not familiar with party dresses. :graucho:

    I bought many simples since it was comfortable for me.
    And I'm trying to buy a red patent yoyo 85 as a everyday use. just with blue jean and t-shirts.

    And i'm trying to buy red python horatio is just because it looks sexy. :biggrin: It's also for jeans and black dresses.

    Also, red patent lillian is also for jeans and black dresses.

    Those all looks so gorgeous and I don't know which one to get and which one not to get.
    And since those three are the pairs that my SA did find for my size.
    No other colors she had. :sad:

    I'm worried whether I will have many red pairs but not other color compared to the total number of shoes I have. Also, I didn't wear much red shoes before. That's just because I didn't have many shoes and I only wear blacks very commonly.

    It's very hard to resist myself from sale shoes since I don't have many shoes and I need more and more.

    It was long long description about my status.
    Do you think any shoes I have to remove? from the previous collection or from those three red shoes I plan to get?

    Any suggestions are welcomed. Actually, I spent whole day thinking about which one to get. But I couldn't decide yet. :Push:
  2. Personally I would buy one or two red at most and find something in a different color. Which saks is this at?
  3. Which ones did you get??? Did you get the yoyo's? Can you model them? I just ordered them because of you, thanks for the heads up on that!
  4. I agree with madameliza, one or two red CLs, I would get a pair in another color, maybe something nude.