Any Stuart Weitzman fans??

  1. I noticed we have a lot of CL and Manalo fans, (Though I am a HUGE Christian Louboutin fan as well as a Manalo fan), but I also love Stuart Weitzman shoes. Anybody else?? Are there any other fans of Stuart Weitzman shoes??
  2. I haven't bought any in a long time, but I'm not opposed to it. :smile:
  3. YES! *holding hand up*

    His shoes are the ONLY ones I can comfortably wear as I have wide feet. I love the open-back/ high-heel clog type and I just purchased the t-strap in the jelly/ rhinestones line
  4. yes, I love Stuart Weitzman!
  5. Big fan of his also. I just scored a pair at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.
  6. I'm also a fan of SW:heart::love:. They're very comfy and size 5 just fits right.
  7. love them as well! i only have three pairs but they are all wonndderrffull!
  8. Though his shoes fit me pretty well, I have been disappointed with some recent pairs of lighter-colored pumps where the dye has worn off the sides when the toes flex after only wearing a couple of times. I'll be staying away from his lighter-colored shoes.
  9. heck yeah!! very forgiving on my almost c width feet...check out my new slingbacks!
    Weitzman pumps (3).jpg
  10. I am a HUGE Stuart Weitzman fan!
  11. I love Stuart Weitzman Shoes!! Since I have small feet, (4.5-5) I have them custom make my size all the time and they fit like a glove (better than any other shoe). I have many shoes from them that are 3.5 inches and up and I love that I can comfortably walk in them. Didn't they just have a sale?
  12. I sometimes buy them. No complaints.
  13. Absolutely I am a fan. I haven't bought any shoes in a while, but definitely a favorite!
  14. Love his shoes! I have small narrow feet and his shoes fit wonderfully.
  15. i'm a HUGE fan of his sandals! sooo beautiful....