any stress NON eaters?

  1. due to some things going on right now, i haven't felt hungry in over a week. i've forced myself to eat at least once a day, usually half a peanut butter sandwich or some tuna and cheese so i don't faint....but even that ends up turning my stomach. if i eat any more than that, i throw up. it's getting ridiculous.

    i'm usually a stress eater and know how to control that. i don't know what's up with this. people are starting to comment that i'm losing weight again and how great i's kind of akward. great side effect but not exactly the way i was looking to do it, you know? besides, it's just going to come back on (and quickly!) as soon as i get my appetite back. i don't really feel like screwing up my metabolism, and i know this is going to do it. it's so unhealthy!

    are any of you stress non eaters? i know stress eating is much more common among women and non eating is often seen as a "blessing" (i know i used to wish this would happen!)....but i'm feeling really unhealthy right now which isn't helping with the stress. how do you deal with it? any ideas? TIA!
  2. Oh man. Right now I'm stress eating. Maybe we can balance each other out???
  3. I definitely lose my appetite when I feel a lot of stress. Looking at food makes me feel sick to my stomach!
  4. I can go a whole day not eating when I am stressed
  5. yes, I just had family loss and I went from 120-112 lbs in 2 weeks! luckily once things calmed down, i have been gaining the weight back very rapidly and eating again!
  6. I don't eat when I'm stressed either.
  7. Wow..I can NEVER eat when I'm stressed..whenever I've had a death in the family or an illness with a family member, or even when I've been sick myself, I CAN'T eat. I have zero appetite.

    I was sick recently with a tonsillar abscess and I couldn't eat, drink, talk, ANYthing. Now that I'm better, my clothing, especially my jeans, is VERY loose. It's weird..I'm tempted to buy some smaller clothing but I don't want to waste the money if I'm going to return to my normal size anytime soon..
  8. yeah i'm like this.. i lost like 10lbs in the weeks before my wedding... not complaining tho heheh.

    i just try to find the few dishes i actually want to eat, feel like eating, and have those, no matter how strange.
    eg, PBJs often work for me, freezer chicken nuggets, a full fried breakfast (eggs, sausage, beans, toast), so i'll have that in lieu of any other meal when i know i should be eating, cos it's the only thing i can "stomach"..

    but if i'm stressed AND busy, i can go all day without eating a single thing... eg when at work.
    so i keep snacks all around, like raisins, cashew nuts, little boxes of juice or milk, biscuits.. (i try to find snacks with some sort of nutritious content, as it's basically replacing a proper diet..)
    anything that takes more than 4 secs to "prepare" i know i won't get around to eating, so this way at least i graze throughout the day.
  9. I'm with you on this - when I have stress or worry or any emotional problems - I can't even SWALLOW!!
  10. Yeah, I am the same way. Once I didn't eat for almost a month and lost so much weight that people started getting worried about me.
  11. Unfortunately the only way to handle this is by eating... I have gotten this way too- I am always one extreme or the other. What I had to do was FORCE myself to eat. You know your body needs the food, so just tell yourself that your body needs this to survive and for you to be ok. I had to take about 1 hour to eat a meal- taking a few bites at a time and walking away then coming bac and trying it again.

    I hope whatever is stressing you calms down soon and you feel better!! :love:
  12. If I'm just a little stressed, I eat. However If I'm very stressed out or upset, I barely eat at all. I don't know what to tell you, because when this happens I can't force myself to eat. Usually I make something simple like toast when I begin feeling a little dizzy.
  13. When I get stressed out, I usually get nauseated in addition to losing my appetite. I used to be the other way, a stress eater, so going to the other side, as I did a few years back, was totally new. The one thing I can eat under any circumstance is pizza, but I find difficulty with that, too. When I stress non-eat, I cut my daily calorie intake by half without even trying.

    If you can, eat some protein or, if it gets to that point, even some candy to keep blood sugar levels from totally crashing.
  14. I'm a boredom eater normally, stress during exam times totally makes the fat just roll off of me because I forget to eat ! But that's the only time really, I just love food too much to forget about it for long !
  15. Same here. When I'm stressed out I can't eat. Anything I eat, I get soooo sick!!!

    Its very annoying, especially around finals