Any Stresa Azur complaints???

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  1. I've been debating between getting the Artsy GM or the Stresa Gm (in Azur) and noticed there was a LONG thread about the complaints about the Artsy. I really love it but I have so many monogram bags and nothing in any other fabric/print. I think it might be time to branch out and with spring coming I thought the stresa would be a good choice. However, I wanted to see if anyone has any complaints? Do the straps bug you? Is it annoying to have a zipper and buckle etc?

    Thanks so much in advance...oh and anyone's opinion on which I should get would be great!
  2. I don't have one but I went to look at it today at the mall and the SA said that it has a lot of vachetta and his friend has one that looks not that nice since the buckle with vachetta tends to get scratch marks, etc. His opinion was enough for me to not want it anymore. lol.
  3. GET THE ARTSY!!! I have one and I love it! I have no complaints whatsoever about it!!
  4. I would vote to get the stresa in azur for sure. I am not a fan of the artsy and spring is coming. I am in azur heaven with my galliera.
  5. I would go try both bags on for yourself for starters. You may not like either one. Regarding the "long" thread about those not liking the Artsy, it was mostly the same 3 or 4 people complaining about it, definitely not the majority as you'll see in the clubhouse of those that have it and love it. JMO, good luck with your decision.
  6. I just got the Stresa Azure about a week ago and have only used it once so far. It's such a soft, comfortable bag that I didn't let the extra closure deter me from bringing it home. I did use the buckle, but left the zipper open most of the day. I really liked the comfort of the bag and I got a lot of compliments the day I had it out. Of course, I love the Artsy too, so I'm no help with deciding between those two! (I would love the the Artsy to be my next LV.) I decided to stay with the Azure for now since I was exchanging a Totally Azure and wanted a summer bag.
  7. I did go to the store about a week ago and just couldn't decide. I probably am leaning towards the artsy (i just love how simple it is and I LOVE all of the pockets). But i do have so many monogram bags already and it is spring. And the hardest part is the hubby is getting me the bag as a bday gift...he had been looking at them (which is unheard of for him) and thought the stresa would be good "cuz i don't have any of the light ones". So do I go with the artsy that I kinda love more? or the stresa that I still like, but don't love, but my man kinda picked out? ahhh...tough decisions!!
  8. I think the stresa is gorgeous! That's my personal opinion, but it would win for me!
  9. I like Stresa bit more... I like the concept of artsy... but I don't think it's as nice of a 'spring' bag!

    But... you love the artsy. so get the artsy. :smile: You'll regret not getting it.
  10. I don´t like the artsy so i would get the stresa :smile:
  11. After a TON of debating I finally decided on the stresa. I only have monogram bags so I thought it might be time to mix it up. Also as much as I love the artsy I kinda worried the handle would get uncomfortable and when it was on it reminded me of my galliera too much. Now I just cant wait for my stresa to arrive!! thanks everyone for the help and advice!!
  12. yayyy!!!! don't forget to post pics! we all love pics! :heart:
  13. I cannot wait to see pics of your Stresa! Honestly, I love Azur! I have an Azur Galliera and it is my favorite. I am sure Azur is going to win you over!
  14. I think you're going to love it! It's a really pretty bag and is very comfortable.