Any 'Steven Alan' Codes??

  1. ... would be much appreciated. really want one of his silk shirts but tres expensive without any discount for a basic,
  2. i can't remember ever seeing a stevenalan code...there are some other sites that sell his shirts, but i've never seen the silk ones on any site but his...
  3. thats a bummer ... but thanks for confirming what i already suspected. yes have seen the other shirts on, but as you said, not the silk ones ... while i'm here, what are the other stores that you know of?
    thanks again,
  4. In August, I wrote to them to ask if they would match Revolve Clothing's new customer discount. This is their response...

    I received this email from Allison atStevenAlan this morning after I contacted them regarding coupon codes. Funny thing...I recall signing up for their mailing list some time ago and I've yet to receive any promotions from them. Hmmm!

  5. Not sure where you are located, but if you are in NYC I noticed that they recently turned the Steven Alan store by my apartment into an "outlet." So maybe there are some deals in there - I haven't been in it yet to check it out.
  6. I wish i was in NYC :smile:

    I live in Sydney Australia, and when i went into the store that stocks them here the silk shirts were priced at $400 AUD ... a little pricey for a simple basic ...

    thanks everybody for all your help though!
  7. thanks for letting me know that ... i was just about to try and do the same thing!
  8. carries Steven Alan. You can use the code Rare20 to get 20% off anything.
  9. Any new codes for summer?