Any Spottings of Leo classic flap?

  1. A PF'er posted this Bag in the Flap Thread and I will hold my breathe until I have one! :yahoo:

    It is Black distressed leather with metal chain details. Has silvery grey lining.
    It has a Lion (Leo) ornament around the clasp.

    sac Class Rabat
    94305 Noir
  2. ahh that must have been my post! i saw one at chanel SCP as recently as 2 weekends ago. good luck!
  3. Yes, it was YOU :heart:!

    are you a Leo? :upsidedown: I am 7/28 :cutesy:
  4. no, i'm aries, 4/18, but have always loved lions/panthers (don't get me started with talking about those Cartier panther rings LOL) the bag was just too killer to pass up :yes:. i hope you'll find yours!
  5. Thank You! I hope doesn't take away from yours if I find one?

    Who is your favorite SA @ SCP Boutique?

    I can imagine you have a killer Collection :nuts:
  6. PJ at SCP Chanel has been helping me. She's fab. I just got the DS reissue wallet from her.

    No, it won't take away from me if you find one! I'd love it if you could rock one too. I adore this bag!!
  7. Thank you for the go ahead :yes:

    I'll keep you posted and maybe we can be special Chanel sisters! :wlae:

    Want me to tell PJ you recommended her? You can PM me your 1st name if you'd like.
  8. Sure, you could tell her Larkie sent you! She'd love a referral!

    Yay Leo twins!!
  9. I have one on hold to pick up Saturday! :yahoo:
  10. :party: yay yay yay!
  11. I have the Panther Cartier ring and LOVE IT! I also love collecting Panthers. Have you seen the Cartier Panther handbag?
  12. ^no i haven' you have a pic of the bag?
  13. Go to and click on leather goods, beautiful bags in different colors:drool:.
  14. The Leo bag is so beautiful, but I was afraid I might catch it on something and / or snag my clothes - I never dared to pick it up...NM of Beverly Hills had one, but I have no idea if it is still there.

    Beautiful bag though...
  15. ldldb - Please can you post another picture of your Leo bag? I have seen your awesome collection, however I do not know which one it is. :confused1: I tried doing a search for a picture with no luck. TIA