Any Sportsac (Tokidoki) coupons?

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  1. I know there were some earlier this month:s and I chickened out and didn't get anything. Just bought 2 Tokidokis at Bloomies :rolleyes: and am wondering if I could have saved some $...
  2. Not LeSportSac coupons, but I just bought a Tokidoki bag from Macys and got 15% off by using my Macys card.

    ETA: Maybe you would be able to use one of those Macys saving pass for them too.
  3. Macys is having a sale next week and I recieved a coupon in the mail for 20% off and it can be used for toki bags.
  4. I think the lesportsac website was having a sale, if you enter the code leholiday25, it was $25 off any purchase over $100. Not sure if it's still valid but you can try!
  5. Yippee! I'm heading to macy's in the a.m.!!!:yahoo: :nuts: :wlae: