Any Speedy experts?

  1. I have a bag I want to purchase but I've never owned/felt a speedy before. I have extensive pictures but I'd feel uncomfortable posting them here since they belong to the seller (I dont think she'd appreciate it). Can I email a knowledgable expert?

    Thanks! (I'll remove if this offends)
  2. maybe post the pics in the shopping section under auth this LV
  3. Yes, post them under the authenticity thread...the experts will help you out.
  4. I see you have a Cabas Piano. A speedy to me feels JUST the opposite.

    To me, my cabas piano feels very firm, sophisticated. When I am carrying my speedy(s) without a base, they lose shape if I don't have much in them. This look is appealing to some, but drives others up a wall.
  5. ^^^ you can always adjust that by putting in a base or a purseket.

    Just MHO!
  6. Thats the plan. Me no like saggy speedy... I'm already planning on buying the speedy base.

    I'm going to sound incredibly computer inept but I dont know how to post pics :confused1: I know fashion but not computers :rolleyes:

    My guts telling me this is real, I suppose I just wanted the extra push.
  7. What's the auction link? Sometimes the gut feeling is right, but there are so many con artists it sure doesn't hurt to have a second, third, fourth opinion.

    We're here to help out!!! Addy, John, and Lee are the resident "authenticators" that do a great job over in the Authenticate This board.
  8. Thanks for responding Sarah! Its not through eBay so I dont feel comfortable posting the link because I think the seller would mind.

    Is there a thread where they post pictures of the interior and exterior of speedy 30s for me to compare?
  9. I'm not a Speedy expert per se, however imo every girl (or guy;)) should have at least 1 Speedy in their lifetime! If it's authentic, I say go for it!
  10. Thanks ladies! I'm going to go for it!
  11. Whoa - I wouldn't go through anything where a seller would mind having their item authenticated. May I recommend strongly going to the authenticate this thread under this section of the forum. Speedies are HEAVILY faked. The chances of getting an authentic one are not always good.

    Barring that, go into the Speedy Gonzalez thread in the club house and look at as many pictures as you can.

    I would run from a seller that would be upset at someone wanting to authenticate their auction. Usually means a fake.
  12. Totally agree with charleston-mom. Up to 90% of bags for sale on eBay are fakes. I wouldnt risk.
  13. I would not risk it, i would have the bag authenticated by the experts of the
    authentic this thread. If the seller mines that would raise warning bells
  14. Ita!
  15. Thanks ladies, I understand your concern. The seller is a member here as well as another board that I frequent and I've since gotten it authenticated by a number of posters. I'm 100% sure its authentic and I don't regret it. You won't be seeing me crying on here when I get it :tup:

    Thanks for all the concern though. I love that about this board, we're all watching out for eachother :smile:

    I'll try and post pics when I receive it.