Any special tips for cleaning Azur?

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  1. After deciding to switch purses for the week, I took everything out of my Damier Azur Speedy and turned it upside down to just get any possible dust of items out... As I turned it over, I saw that part of the bottom was dyed dark dark blue... And it must have been from my brand new dark blue jeans.

    Anyone know how to clean this or get it off??

    ahhhh =(
  2. magic eraser?
  3. cloth damped in some hot water? Is your vacheta on the down side also dark blue?
  4. Second that.Good luck!!
    I had the same issue with my LH rubbing on my winter jacket (last year) (cries)
  5. That used to happen to my azur as well (I wonder why it stopped?) and I cleaned it easily with a warm wet cloth
  6. I have some on my azur speedy as well...on the bottom corners. I couldn't get it off....the more rubbing that I did caused some of the printing to come off.
  7. Baby wipes has always worked for me.
  8. This happened to me the first time I carried my Damier Azur Speedy and I was devastated. I was in the mall when I noticed. I stopped by the make-up counter and "borrowed" some eye-makeup remover and a cotton ball. It worked great and I was able to continue my shopping with my arm stretched outright.
  9. does anything actually remove the blue color or does it only lighten it?
  10. OMG i just posted a thread about my Azur Saleya Gm.. same thing!! I got a lot of suggestions about trying the magic eraser.. g'luck with yours as well!! and let me know if you hear any other suggestions!! i'll try the eye makeup remover for sure! :weird:
  11. Hi everyone. I saw some threads about this, but i want to confirm. Is it true that if your bag like a Damier Ebony speedy lining will cause color transfer on a azur item?? I am getting the zippy organizer in the Azur, and I'm worried now if that can happen....also if so, maybe I could spray it with a leather protecter?? Thanks for you help!
  12. Does the Azur need to be cleaned differently than the MC? I'm thinking, becuase of the lighter colors, that it may take something different?
  13. I have heard wonders about the Mr. Clean magic eraser. It is the same material as the monogram canvas, just different style, so I assume that it would be the same. Any bag that has the canvas and vachetta can be cleaned with appleguard or a cleansing milk...
  14. To clean the white stitching on my agenda, I just used a soft cloth with gentle soap and wiped it down. It was looking dingy and it came out so clean!
  15. will this make the azur patina faster?