Any South Florida people here???

  1. ...and if so, do any of you ever get together (like they do in Vegas)??

    If it hasn't been done already - and assuming there's an interest, I'd love to plan a get together.

    Maybe we can talk the SA's in BH to show us some cool stuff, have some lunch and um, talk BAGS :yes:

    I live in Weston, so if anyone's interested, let me know via this thread or PM.

    Looking for partners in crime :yahoo:
  2. Hi Nefariousmuse.

    I am in Lighthouse Point. Would love to get together but for the next couple of weeks am stuck at home with a broken foot in a cast. Yuk! I broke my foot half way through my vacation in Ireland and never made it to the Hermes boutique in Dublin. :crybaby:

    Keep me in mind tho' because getting together would be fun.
  3. Hi there, Sus - We can always rent a wheel chair, ya know :graucho:

    Will keep you posted...thanks for the response!
  4. My mom lives in Lighthouse Point! I'm always visiting, so keep me in mind if something is planned. (I live in DC now).
  5. Lisa, while I'm in the northeast, I'm in Miami 20 to 30 times a year (most of my clients are in Miami). I'd love to meet you (and I've never been to the Bal Harbor store)!
  6. Awesome, Sue! Let me know next time you'll be in town!

  7. Thanks N'muse for the offer of the wheel chair. TPF has become an insanity lifesaver!!!
  8. bumpity, bump, bump :smile:
  9. Tampa here!!!!