any solutions???

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  1. yesterday i was at my nearest outlet and i found a leather belted ergo hobo in tobacco for only $112 so i quickly grabbed it since it was the only one left. the bag is in an excellent condition except for a little scratch at the bottom of the bag. i can deal with the scratch but the color of the bag is also rubbed off and one can see a white spot. i hope i am making sense. well i like the bag so much i don't want to return it but is there anyway i can solve this problem?? thanks
  2. Can you post a picture?
  3. i tried it twice but i am unable to do so
  4. If you upload the photo to a site like photobucket then resize it and upload it here. :yes:
  5. I have a tabacco ergo belted hobo too (by the way~GREAT price!), but I am not sure what you mean? Did you try taking your finger to "massage" the leather, to see if the oil from your skin would make it go away?
  6. it is not exactly a scratch but it seems like the bag was rubbed against something that rubbed away the color of the bag leaving a white mark.
  7. If you can't think about anything other than the white spot, I would return it. Because you're never going to enjoy the bag.
  8. You could try a leather conditioner on it.
  9. As long as it wasn't a final sale, I'd return it and ask the SA to be on the lookout for a pristine one. Good luck whatever you decide.
  10. I agree, try some conditioner and if that doesnt work I would return it.
  11. flaws like that bother me, I would return it and be put on a waiting list for another one. or there's ebay, I've found I can get some things for great deals on ebay.
  12. I agree with the leather moisturizer suggestions. I just use Coach's moisturizer on my belted ergo and that really does help with the scratches...

    While researching on the Apple care line, i did see that they have something else that might help...

    On that page, it mentions a Creme Polish that comes in a few colors...
    dark brown, cognac, or neutral (black and burgundy too)... that says it "[SIZE=-1]Effectively covers and restores the appearance of worn and damaged portions of smooth leather."

    I have a leather jacket I was going to try that one where the color has come off a bit... Its just a thought.. everyone seems to trust that brand so i'd give it a shot.. maybe there is a place you can test it on that bag to see how it would come out.. when i first took a baby wipe to my ergo (which actually worked GREAT cleaning the leather) i tested it under the belt... lol! there are a few spaces where you can get in between the belt and the bag so i thought that was perfect for a test spot..

    good luck on which ever way you go! i'm going to post a thread later when i try that color tinted stuff on my leather jacket...

  13. try a leather moisturizer... my bf's mom had a ergo hobo and the bottom somehow got the massive water spot (strangely enough, there was no water anywhere when it happened)

    I think the ergo hobos were just made of bad leather... imho