any solutions for constantly opening spy compartments?

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  1. i love my chocolate spy and use it everyday. but every time i pick it up or put it down, eith the spy pouch or clasp part /or both!/ is open. i tried using ticky tacky, but they still open on their own. do you know of any tricks? should i have Neiman Marcus have a looksie? thanks!

  2. That's not good. Why don't you give a Fendi boutique a call and ask them what you can do. Don't say you bought it from Neiman Marcus though (if you got it there). Just ask if they know what to do.

    I haven't had this problem so I wouldn't be able to help. Good luck!
  3. This is a problem with some spy bags, a few PFM have this problem. I have not but I was talking to my SA about it, and she said if ever I get this problem to pop the spy into their Fendi store and they will fix it.
  4. ^ That seems like the best solution. I've been using my choco Spy everyday, too! Good luck, luv.
  5. You should definitly have it checked out. It's certainly not supposed to be that way. I've heard of such problems from other people, but thankfully have never experienced them myself.