Any solid 18K gold diamond Movado watch owner?

  1. Does anyone have a solid 18K Movado watch? I am considering purchasing a solid 18k white gold diamond watch and I am wondering if it would get too scuffed and is too soft of a metal to wear as an everyday watch. Since this is quite an expensive purchase I wanted to check to see what you ladies have to say about solid 18k Movado's. Just to clarify I'm refering to the SOLID 18K not plated that cost around $8,000+ TIA!
  2. This is the solid 18K white gold diamond Movado that I am considering. It retails for $8900
  3. Hmm,Idk about that watch in particular..but I work in a jewlery store that sells the 18k gold plated watches and they come with a 2yr warranty for the inside of the watch and the gold part is guaranteed to last 5 yrs, so Im imagining that watch would have even better coverage. Gorgeous watch BTW. :smile:
  4. I had a solid gold and diamond watch (not Movado) and the gold was fine but one of the diamonds popped out on a third day of wearing it. Needless to say, back to the store it went. They offered to tighten the diamonds but I wanted nothing to do with it anymore. It's not like they would replace the diamonds if they popped out and I wasn't willing to wear a watch that has diamonds falling out.
  5. well i do not own movado but other solid 18 k gold watches and pesonally i do not find them more fragile then a stainless steel one. and a plus for gold is it can be refurbished and so look brand spanking new again after a few years of wear.