Any sneaker fans?

  1. I'm a huge Tomboy so back in high school the majority of my money went to sneakers - Nike, Phat Farm, Chuck Taylors, Adidas, Timberlands, Dadas, etc. I'd post pictures, but I just moved all my stuff out into my aunt's house and I'm back at the dorms now studying for finals.

    Any other ladies sneaker fans?
  2. Me! I have a pair of vintage black Converse One Stars that I love :love: I put hot pink laces on them :nuts: I also have a pair of Vans that I don't wear as much, but I can't seem to get rid of them. They're pink and red. I should get a pair of checkerboard slip-ons, but I'm afraid I wouldn't wear them enough :sad:
  3. I wear sneakers more than anything else. I used to do Converse in high school and college, but since then I've stuck to Adidas, Puma, and more than anything New Balance. I just love their shoes, the quality is superb, many styles are made in the US and not by overseas slave labor, and the prices are extremely reasonable.
  4. I LOVE PUmas and NIkes. I love PUmas so mcuh that I dragged DH into one and started asking them if they're franchised! I want to open one in our local shopping center! LOL!
  5. Yep. These are some pics I posted on another site that I belong to. PM me for details if your interested in the Hip Hop fashion side of things.
    My best friend and I were on a Kangaroos mission and I managed to find all these colors in maybe 7 months time.
    These are my Nikes purchased in 2005
    I own one pair of Jordans...the dub zeros. I have Le Coq Sportifs, Coach, Baby Phat, adidas. I even bought the DMP pack, but I put em on ebay to make a profit when i saw how crazy the demand was. Right now my favorite shoe is the 360 AM.
  6. i'm a huge fan of converse all star....they're the only sneakers i wear!
    i have a lot of colours, but my favourites are a pair of black ones i own since i was at school!!
  7. I love them! I mostly am a Nike girlie. Has anyone done the build-your-own ones yet?
  8. Yes ! I love love sneakers. I'll have to take a picture of mine sometime, my collection isn't as impressive as NoKnockOffs, but I think it's a-okay ! I really like Puma speedcats and Nike street shoes (e.g. AF1s, low dunks).
  9. I love Converse All Stars too! When I studied at university, I always wore a blue pair, I thought they were my lucky shoes (my mother kept them closed in a plastic bag during the discussion of my final paper!!!). I obviously do not wear them anymore (they're falling apart), but I decided not to throw them away, they remind me of the most beautiful years of my life. At the moment I have a red and a cream pair; I often wear also a pair of vintage Boston Adidas in silver and white (here is the pic)

  10. love diesel and puma sneaks
  11. I love PUMAs!!! esp. the speedcats... have them in offwhite/beige, and pink/fusha suede (the first for me to buy anything in the same style!!!)
  12. I love sneakers! My favorite are the Puma H-Streets. :biggrin:
  13. I wanted some Kangaroos, but they never had my size at Journeys. I like the blue and yellow pair smack dab in the middle you got there. I wanted them in brown though, not white.

    Its okay, I dont need to know any details on Hip Hop "fashion". Growing up where I did with my 4 brothers I know my way around ;)
  14. NoKnockOffs - amazing sneaker collection! holy crap!

    Ayla - I can't wait to see your's!

    Abandoned - I can't wait to see your collection too!
  15. Thanks Mello Yello and Ayla. I got a majority of those Roos from discount stores like TJMax, AJ Wright, and Marshalls. The most I paid was $24.99. I even caught some on clearance for $15. Same thing with the Nikes. I love going to the outlets. I just finished up my Masters in Physical Education so thats why I wear a lot of gym shoes. (plus being a tomboy like AI said. I also have 4 brothers, only girl) :biggrin: I have about 50-60 pair to match various jogging suits and lil polos I wear with khakis.