Any Small(er) Cerf Tote Owners??

  1. How is the size of this bag working for you?? I saw it today at NM and was really struck but how much I was drawn to its simplicity. I did a search, but couldn't find answers addressing this.:shrugs: Thanks!!
  2. I have the smaller size, and actually holds quite a bit. However, I kinda wish it was the larger size.
  3. Hi Michele,

    How much is the smaller cerf? And would you happen to know the dimensions of it?

    Thanks much!!
  4. Hi, I absolutely love mine. It holds everything I need and still looks compact. And it has a lot of compartments. If I need more room I take out the compartment in the middle that snaps on. I saw the larger cerf a few days ago and thought I would exchange it, but it wouldn't stay closed and kept slipping off my shoulder. And then I realized that I like my smaller one better. I think it just looks more elegant and it will even take you into a casual evening.
  5. Mine is over a year old, and then it retailed for $1,695.00. I am sure it has probably gone up. I can take some measurements tonight.
  6. Here are the measurements:

    Approximatly 14 inches wide
    8 inches long

    The handles from top to bottom are 9 inches, but only 7 inches of room (is this what is meant by the drop?)
  7. the small one holds alot more than I would have thought - sounds like a great size!
  8. Thanks Michele! Is this a zippered top tote?
  9. There is a zipper compartment in the middle, which can be taken out. The bag closes with snaps.
  10. Ohh okay.. I really want something with a zipper since I already have the PST..