Any sites that might have the Paddington on sale?

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  1. Hello ladies I am new here. This is my first post. :smile: I was just wondering if anyone might know of a site or a B&M store that might have the Paddingtons on sale? I dont really care what color. I just want one. :biggrin: Thanks ladies!

  2. Welcome Kim! There were some sales on the paddingtons earlier, but they were at small boutiques or in-store sale. Those sales were in attempts to clear the spring bags off the floor before the fall stock arrives at the end of July. I think the only place you will find a discount is the occasional return on NM.

  3. Yea, the sale for Paddys are pretty much over. Sales season is June and December.
  4. and even then, over here in the UK, it was only really the metallic colours that went on sale.
    Hope you find one you love soon at a good price :smile:
  5. I know Intermix in NYC had some large Paddingtons on sale for $1100. I was there a few weeks ago, but they still might be there.
  6. Thanks a bunch! I guess patience pays off. I got one coming on sale for me. :smile:
  7. Which one did you get Mavycakes?
  8. I got a tan Med paddy! I cant wait to get it.