Any sightings of this - in Black????

  1. I love love love the Soho Business Card Case to hold all my frequent shopper cards; I have it in a parchment color, just scored a brown one on eBay but I REALLY REALLY need one in Black!!! Has anyone seen one in the outlets, eBay, your closet?! HELP!!! It was style #6A26
  2. I have this in black. I got it NWT on eBay for like $50
  3. I keep looking but no luck so far.... I did get the brown one on ebay last night for $29.99!! Which is what I paid for my cream one at the outlets last year.

  4. I looked for you too and didnt see any!

    I guess keep looking! Its bound to show up! When I got mine, there were so many on eBay!