Any sightings of the Lady Braid Bowler in Navy Blue?

  1. Or red? I prefer Saks since I have a GC to use. Thanks!
  2. I saw a blue one in the Pittsburgh Saks--call Allie or Donna tomorrow: 412-297-5357
    IMGP5276.jpg --this one, right?
  3. Is that navy blue or grey? It looks grey in the pic? I will call them tomorrow. Thanks so much!
  4. Sorry, the lighting & the reflection of the glass skews the color. Anyhow, it's the blue one.
  5. Awesome. Thanks so much!
  6. You're welcome! Tell her Myra sent you!
  7. I know Saks Beverly Hills had the Lady Braid bowler in blue yesterday. My SA called me about it, but I had to turn it down since I recently bought it in red.

    The Chanel boutique also has this bag in both blue and in grey.

    Good luck!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  8. Yes, I saw the one at saks beverly was there yesterday afternoon. Good luck!
  9. Chanel in Chicago had one last Saturday.....