Any sightings of Navy or Brown GSTs please!

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  1. I prefer dept stores, especially Saks if at all possible. Thanks!
  2. I think I saw a brown GST with silver h/w yesterday. Try Delyse at 248-808-0712. She's with Saks, please tell her April referred you. If she doesn't have one and it's available, she'll find it.
  3. Delyse found me the brown one! It was dark chocolaty brown from last year that looks almost black right? Please say yes? Delyse is sending it out to me, but her store sounds crazy hectic, so I didn't get a chance to confirm, LOL. I love Delyse. Thanks for sharing her with me.

    Still looking for the Navy. Anyone seen it?
  4. i've never seen navy -- is this a new color?
  5. ^^ Navy was release along with Brown last year. It's really dark, almost black with a hint of blue. Really pretty.
  6. ocgirl - Yes, it's so dark it looks almost black. I thought it was black until she took it out.
  7. Awesome! Thanks April!