Any sightings of a Violet or Eggplant Coin?

  1. I have called and searched but can not seem to find a Violet Coin Purse - regular or Giant. I might even take an Eggplant if the color was close enough. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I might find one - besides eBay?
    Thanks for the help!!:heart:
  2. They seem pretty rare, but there a couple of legit eBay vendors that seem to have a lot of coin purses - you might want to do a search for their ID's in the Authenticate This thread. Also, you can call the resellers like and there was another one - Ann's something - I understand that they have wishlists and can let you know if they get one.
  3. That is great info - I am already looking on Thanks so much!!
  4. Natalie, did you try having Barney's do a search? I remember a few months ago they had one in RH. Try calling Neiman's and have them search as well. Good luck!
  5. I tried NM here and they didn't have any Violet but I didn't have them do a check. Maybe I will call my SA and see if she will check. I can do the same at Barney's BH???
  6. No problem. Good luck!
  7. Just found out that Aloha Rag doesn't carry coin purses so that's out, but I thought I heard there were some styles in violet at Barneys in I think Seattle -have your local Barneys do a check.
  8. I think your chance of scoring a Violet is much higher than Eggplant :smile:

    I know Cultstatus has a Violet CP few weeks ago but it's pretty pricey in comparo to USD RRP...