Any sight of Navy Patent Jumbo Flap?

  1. Hi!!! I am desparately looking for a navy patent jumbo flap as a X'mas gift for my mom, have called around and found no luck.

    She has mentioned how much she adored the bag before. Since this will be the first Christmas ever that none of her kids will be around :crybaby: I really would want to be able to get it for her to show my love. :shame:

    If any of you can give me some direction, please kindly PM me! TIA!!!
  2. i got mine from NM but my SA had it transferred from NYC to San Antonio 2 months ago, give them a call and see how it goes. there might be some lurking around still. have you tried chanel #1800?
  3. Ladydeluxe,

    I have called two of my SAs from Chanel Boutiques and from NM, both checked and said sold out. :sad: Thank you for your suggestion! I think I'll call the 800 number to confirm again. Thanks!!
  4. I'm so desperate to get one too, tried many different ways, even checked Chanels in Europe, yet, no luck at all! :sad:
  5. Emmyemmy,

    Are they really all gone?! :sad: I got to think of another good gift for my mom now. :wondering
  6. I tried to find one today and no luck whatsoever! They are extinct at this point. So unless they come around as returns we will be navy patent jumbo-less. :sad:
  7. Roey,

    Thanks for the update. Do you think it will come back again the coming season in any other sizes if not jumbo? If not, I guess my mom will have to be navy patent-less even if she is willing to wait for a belated X'mas gift :sad: and I will have to think of another good X'mas gift for her meanwhile :girlsigh:.
  8. Ikray, I think a contingency plan is a must! So far, I haven't heard anything in terms of other sizes or stocks for navy patent in the near future.
  9. ^ From a reputed seller too. :smile: Also, the price isn't as insane as some I've seen... this is still over retail by a few hundred though. :yes:

  10. I believe this seller is a tPFer too!
  11. ^ Yeah. :smile: They don't post very often from what I've seen, but you're right! ;)
  12. That's a big markup! I hope someone here is lucky enough to buy it. I will hope for a return at the $2395 price point.
  13. Wow that's one gorgeous navy patent jumbo! I hope someone here gets it! It's actually not too high of a mark-up considering tax (for us NY residents tax included the bag would cost $2595 to begin with) and then accounting for seller's eBay fees & paypal fees.....that would be $2730+ already. I think sometimes buyers forget about all the tax, ebay fees, & paypal fees sellers have to put up with, and then there's the time/effort to take photos/post & run the auction (and obviously these resellers have to make a profit in the end, otherwise they wouldn't be in the business of reselling).
  14. ^Understand, but on the flip side, my sister owns a store both in the state of Virginia and on ebay. Her philosophy regardng paypal and ebay fees is "It's the cost of doing business". She doesn't factor the fees into her sales which is probably the reason why she has glowing feedback and many, many repeat customers.

    I find her words to be very true in regards to effective customer service and when selling my own items, try to incorporate that same degree of fairness.