1. Thanks alot for your help!!:tup:
  2. luck! I searched for you but was unable to find any. Are you buying an item that perhaps can be found on another site where there might be a code or a better price?
  3. Thanks alot bagachondriac !!:heart:
    I am eyeing at two philip lim blouses, and have try to find others website but they not carried them !!:push:
    That okie, Thanks alot for your help !!
    You are the best !:tup:
  4. You're quite welcome!! I found many more stores that carry Phillip Lim but I din't list them all. Here's another one...I think the plaid pleat yoke blouse is really cute!!!
  5. bagachondriac omg you're sooo sweet. i'm not looking for philip lim but i just wanted to tell you that you're super sweet!! it's ppl like you that make this forum so awesome! ;)

    we must look out for one another, no? sister!! hehe~
  6. Thank you both! I love doing this and as long as I'm looking for everyone else, my credit cards aren't being maxed out!! HEHE!!
  7. bagachondriac you are super!!! I am the fan of philip lim as well, but I have to say , you are the one will always come out first and give us a hand!! And you truly make this forum wonderful!!:tup::heart:
  8. Aw! That's so sweet of you to say that. The truth is that I appreciate and welcome the challenge that is presented when someone is looking to find something at the best price. I love it too when I can help someone out. I'm just returning the favor as I have benefited many times from other members posts. Thanks sweetierene for your kind words.