Any shops that does "Restore and recoloring of a light denim woven leather bag"

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  1. Hi,

    I just purchased a used blue woven sage and some parts of the leather look a little yellow. The hardware also has scratches. :sad:

    I would like to know, is there any way for me to recolor it or how can I restore the light denim color? Any remedy on the hardware that has scratches?

    Any shops that does restoration and recoloring too?

    Got my 2 beauties in a week itself and the only thing I wish I could do was to make the the light denim leather slightly vibrant.
    PA070697.JPG PA060695.JPG
  2. I know that Bag Borrow or Steal offers a cleaning and repair service but I haven't tried it so I am not sure how good the results are. There is a repair and restore thread on the Coach forum but I think your instinct to take it to a professional is the correct one. Also-many shoe repair shops also repair handbags so you might try calling some local stores in your area. Good luck with restoring your beauty!
  3. I have restored a bag with acrylic craft paint mixed with conditioner. I had to mix paints to get the right color. By mixing it with conditioner, the color you put on won't be opaque but will be enough to refresh the color. I used Lexol but you can use any thin leather conditioner. You can add a little water if it isn't thin enough. I use a sponge brush and then immediately wipe it off with a paper towel. That way, I only have a very thin coat. It is tricky with woven bags because of all the nooks and crannies but as long as your paint mixture is thin and you wipe it off immediately, it should work.
  4. Just my 2 cents, but that sage is a great quality bag, near top of the line for Coach, and I wouldn't do anything to it at all. I can't see any fading in your photos, so must not be significant color loss. IDK, if you are unhappy with it, try to return it, or sell it yourself.
  5. I agree with this. OP either contact coach or return it. I wouldn't mess with it
  6. Agree with both. It would be better to have Coach look at the bag than try to repair/restore it yourself and risk messing it up. If you alter the bag, Coach will not work with you on a credit/refund.
  7. Actually I have last years version of this bag and the color is not very vibrant. It's light denim whereas this years version I'm woven Laila in denim is much more vibrant. The color in your pic looks on par with how mine looked when it was new - it looks the same today.