Any coupon code for sale items?

  1. Does anyone have a shoplanguage coupon code that is valid on sale items? I found Gretchen but it looks like it is only for reg priced items. TIA!
  2. No coupon code, but I just got a flyer saying that the Wicker Park location is closing. Starting Jan 2, everything will be marked down up to 85% off. Maybe they will do a charge-send?
  3. Thanks for the response. Is Wicker Park their only location? I only saw one location on their website. Anyhow I sent them an email asking if there were any coupon codes for sale items or if they would price match, unfortunately they said no (the owner emailed me back).

    So I gave in and bought the coat I saw and couldnt find anywhere else (online or in the malls) - was 25% off so not so bad. Wouldve liked a bit more of a discount though hehe

    The owner didnt' seem like she was "desperate" for a sale, and asked me to confirm whether I still wanted to go through with the purchase even after she told me there was no coupon code she could give me!:push:

    Anyhow she was really quick to respond to emails and very very nice, so I didn't mind giving her my business!