Any codes?

  1. hii..want to buy a JC flat from kitson website..
    any codes?
  2. are you looking at the love flat in cheetah? there are a ton of places to get jeffrey campbell other than kitson...i have heard bad things about their customer service...

    here they are at love my for $68.98 : LOVE FUR by JEFFREY CAMPBELL - LoveMyShoes.Com

    and at Nordstrom for $69.95: Jeffrey Campbell 'Love' Ballet Flat - Jeffrey Campbell -

    there are tons of places that sell them and there seems to be some price differences. here's my list of store that sell JC: Grechens Closet - Jeffrey Campbell

  3. ^ LOL!! i WORK @ kitson, and i would probably buy my shoes elsewhere if i didnt work there!! i would try another retailer (you'd probably save shipping) AND, i have noticed that there are a lot of price differences between us and other stores

    sometimes we're more expensive and other times we are cheaper -ex. there was a stitch's skirt that was at ron herman for 20$ less than us, but we also have a gryson bag that is 120$ less than bergdorf -so, just gotta dig around

    and as for codes... cant help you there -im as clueless as they are about that :/
  4. i found one online "stylefile" for an extra 10%. don't know if it will work, but its worth a try!
  5. didn't work for me :'O((
  6. thanks!
  7. thank you for the extra tips!!