Any ShopBop discount codes ?

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  1. I am trying to buy my dream bag at shopbop and looking for a discount code. :shame: I am a full time volunteer and a student so I do not have a regular income right now. If anyone has a code that can be used for regular merchandise - you would really really really help me out. :heart::woohoo:
  2. Hi- Curious if any one had one for full priced items ?
  3. Just being nosey and wondering what dream bag you are going to buy? :shame:
  4. Shopbop is very elusive with the coupon codes. I remember that last year they had a coupon code for tax time (around April 15th). I've been curious if they are going to do it again this year because there is a pair of jeans I've been dying to buy. I figured I would wait until next week to see if they do it.
  5. No problem, my dream bag is Black Mattie by Kooba. It may not look like much in pictures - but I saw and tried it on at Nordies and it is breathtaking!:tup::heart:
  6. Thanks I would definately wait untill next week then. Would you happen to know generally how often they have discount coupons ? A few times a year ?

    I know they just had a coupon for 20 % off regular merchandise that ended last week. Unfortunately people who had it - didn't post it but rather PMd to specific people and not everyone they pmed it too used it. Too bad as I really wanted it but I guess they didn't see my post then. :s
  7. there are no ongoing discount codes for shopbop.