any shopbop codes?

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  1. i know there's an ongoing one for juicy, but is there like another 20% off, or anything else out there?
  2. Shopbop was just added to ****** 3 days ago- that's 6% Cash Back!

    Just go to ****** and search for Shopbop, then click on the Shopbop link to go shopping.
  3. oh my goodness.

    i wish i had checked this!

    i just ordered a fur hoodie a few days ago...

  4. thanks, webec, i look forward to use that great 6% cash back, but are there any other ones that i can use as well?
  5. The juicy one is the only one i know of...but I'll let you in on a secret. ****** might be doing a Shopbop promo next week (which may mean increased Cash Back). We haven't announced it yet, but I'll be posting in the PF as soon as we publicly announce it.

  6. ooh that sounds absolutely wonderful!
  7. This is a little off topic, but I forgot to do the same thing when I ordered something off of shopbop recently. Does ****** let you get cashback if you contact them with your receipt and inform them that you goofed, or is it basically just too bad? I know it's a longshot, but I'm crossing my fingers :P