Any shopbop codes out there?

  1. I am looking to buy a pair of jeans and I NEED a Shopbop code!
    Any floating around?
  2. i know i know I need one too soooooooo bad!!!
  3. I got one for 20% off dresses DRESSCODE. Don't think it works on jeans
  4. I read in another D&S thread that Shopbop doesn't do 3rd party codes, so any they have should be visible on their website or sent via email...

    I am anxiously waiting for a code too so I can order a bag from their site!!! :wondering
  5. I want one too, I saw a beautiful coat in their website!
  6. i am desperately looking for one too. i really want this handbag, but trying to be good and see if there are any coupons.

    i'm already ordering a dress with the "dresscode" coupon.
  7. me too!!

    does anyone have a code to use besides the dress one? TIA!
  8. sorry! i put my first post in the wrong thread!?!